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Solution: Ultra-high-pressure PDGS compressor seal for CO2 gas reinjection

Design prerequisites for ultra-high pressure compressor seals in gas re-injection applications. Situation, problem and solution.

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Sealing expertise for plant engineering

Technology, engineering, services - worldwide. For operators, engineering offices, EPC companies, and plant and machinery manufactures.


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Industrial sealing expertise for your path to net zero

Technology, service, knowledge.
To make the industry & energy transition a success.



eFlexgen Expansion Joint

With the new eFlexgen, EagleBurgmann has developed a unique expansion joint solution that contributes directly to the net zero target.

Global expertise in compressor sealing

When excellence counts to ensure a safe, reliable, and sustainable operation. 

Compressor sealing solutions for industrial applications

Products. Systems. Service.


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Solution: Record breaking savings in operating costs and CO2 emissions

Case Study on DGS compressor seal and the world's largest operating CobaSeal (seperation seal).

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EagleBurgmann provides metal expansion joints for exhaust gas cleaning systems on ships

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Solution: Smooth vaccine production; production of COVID-19 vaccines with gas-lubricated mechanical seals from the AGSZ series

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Solution: CobaDGS pilot project with GRTgaz

Fugitive methane emissions in natural gas compressor reduced to zero.
CobaDGS upgrade proves to be a successful decarbonization measure.

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Solution: RoTechBooster for pipeline compressor station

RoTechBooster helps to guarantee uninterrupted gas transportation in North America.

Language: English

Solution: CobaDGS proves to be perfect for a seal upgrade

Upgrade of oil-lubricated seals to seals with dry gas seal technology on centrifugal compressors.

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Successful switch to eMG at Grundfos

New eMG elastomer bellows seal series replaces MG seal at Grundfos pumps.

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M481C(L) / M461CL

The OEM agitator seals for top entry drives.  Trimmed for performance, for use in all typical standard applications.

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DF-(P)DGS6 DiamondFace

Dry gas seal for multiphase pump applications. The reliable sealing solution for a low vapor margin, flashing hydrocarbons, liquid and supercritical CO2 applications.



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Sealing expertise for the food & beverage industry

Technology, service, knowledge. For almost any kind of application.

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AGSZ-AGSR Product Leaflet

AGS agitator seals – For maximum product purity. Designed for reactors, mixers, dryers and special machine.

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Solution: Dichtungstechnologie 4.0 - EagleBurgmann stattet erste Pipeline mit neuer Smart Seal Lösung für digitales Condition Monitoring aus

Solution: Sealing technology 4.0 - EagleBurgmann equips first pipeline with new Smart Seal Solution for digital condition monitoring

Catalog Mechanical seals, magnetic couplings

Main catalog mechanical seals for pumps, agitators, compressors and magnetic couplings.

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Global expertise in agitator seals

EagleBurgmann product portfolio of agitator seals.

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Industrial sealing expertise for pharmaceutical applications

EagleBurgmann seals and services for the pharmaceutical industry.

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Catalog Metal expansion joints

Metal expansion joints for thermal and pressure equipment.

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Booklet Dry Gas Seal Solutions - 10 Cases.

Dry gas seal solutions - A guide to a safer and more reliable operation of compressors. 10 cases with indications, causes and remedies.

Solution: RoTechBooster for Dok Sud

Clean gas despite fluctuating operating conditions. The solution for preventing seal failures due to contaminated seal gas. Combined power cycle plant, Argentina.

Language: English

Solution: RoTechBooster for Petrobras

Reliable and low mantenance supply for dry gas seals in the rainforest. RoTechBooster Coari compressor station Brazil

Language: English

Solution: RoTechBooster for Alliance Pipeline

RoTechBooster skids for pipeline compressors. Reliable gas supply for compressors of the Alliance pipeline in Canada and USA avoid seal failures.

Language: English

Solution: RoTechBooster for Etzel

RoTechBooster for compressors in natural gas storage. Optimal ecological and economical gas supply solution for compressor seals.

situation, problem and solution.

Language: English

Solution: RoTechBooster for OEM

RoTechBooster qualified as turbo compressor first fit. Switch to new booster improved customer satisfaction and reduced service efforts.

Language: English

HSMR34 / SeccoMixR Product Leaflet

Mechanical seals for agitators, mixers, dryers, kneaders and other special machines. The true all-rounders when it comes to aggressive, sticky or viscous media or when solids content is high.

Language: English

Solution: NMB magnetic coupling for hydrocarbon pumps

Hermetically sealed shaft at extreme operating conditions. Process, problem and solution.

Language: English

Competence in magnetic couplings

Products. Engineering. Service. For industrial applications.

Language: English

Solution: EagleBurgmann delivers innovative seals and comprehensive services for a mega refinery complex

Solution: EagleBurgmann bietet innovative Dichtungen und umfassenden Service für Mega-Raffinerie

Solution: Seal standardization for agitators

Standardization of seals for over forty agitators from different manufacturers in an active ingredient production to dry-running agitator seal SeccoMix.

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Solution: Ready for dry running

Single seal Cartex-SN with DiamondFace for high pressure centrifugal pumps in the pharmaceutical industry.

Language: English

Solution: Rotates silently and unobtrusively

SeccoMix R with DiamondFace for the agitators of mobile vessels 

Language: English

Solution: Service life of three years and more

Dry-running agitator seal SeccoMix R in paddle dryers.

Language: English

Solution: A reliable component in the production of metformin

Retrofit of agitators with AGSZ seals

Language: English

Solution: Robust component in ensuring sterile vaccine production

HSMR double seal for foam breakers of a pharmaceutical company

Language: English

Solution: Secure and reliable, even where lubrication is poor

MR-D double seal with DiamondFace in bioculture production 

Language: English

Catalog Gaskets / Compression packings

Product catalog. Delivery program and technical information.

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Catalog Seal supply systems

Main catalog seal supply systems. The complete product portfolio of systems and components for cooling, flushing, pressurization and supplying liquid and gas-lubricated mechanical seals e.g., quench and thermosiphon systems, heat exchangers, barrier fluid systems, leakage monitoring and seal supply systems in accordance with API682.

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Catalog EagleBurgmann BT Mechanical seals

Reliable shaft seals for large pump series. High quality made in Italy.
Company profile, seal range, table of materials.

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